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Closet Find.com is a unique and exciting way to rid yourselves of unwanted items in your home or office.  We give you a way to cleanout your closet while making room for your new purchases.  Think of us as your online thrift store.

We all have unwanted items in our homes and don't know what to do with them.  Why not offer them online for sale to others that may have a viable use for it.  Closet Find.com offers used and in some cases new items for resale without the cost factor.  All items on Closet Find.com are considered "used" unless otherwise stated.

We are always looking for new and used items to offer our customers.  If you have any unwanted items, please do consider contacting us at info[@]closetfind.com.  We would be happy to review your unwanted items for possible listing on closetfind.com.  Let us know what price you would like to sell all your unwanted items for and we will do the rest.  Once your item sells, you will receive payment less our commission of 15 percent.